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A tribute to mom

1.50pm Friday 9 October 2020

It's already a week mom's leaving us.
It's painful when she decided not to fight anymore after 15 radiotherapy sessions.
The body cant stand anymore though she was strong at the early stage.
She is a strong person. She lost three people around her in three consecutive years.
Her husband and two sons.
I have told myself, I won't be photographing her as I did to my brother in the past.
Unfortunately, my instinct as a photojournalist with high-quality image smartphones in hand
makes me keep observing and record.
It's really heartbreaking to see her from strong to the weakest and nothing you can do about it.
They are many parts I have stopped recording but continue when I have a strength that
encouraged me to continue what I am best.
Observing my brother's and his whole family taking care of my mom, realized how
lucky I am to have them. And understand why they are the chosen ones.
We know our day won't be the same without our mom.
Maybe to me, a visual is proven evidence of mom's existence though
some memories are best to kept in mind.
Bersemadilah dengan aman, Bonda.
Al Fatihah

Ahmad Yusni
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